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  /  Liam Thompson

Liam Thompson

Liam is an experienced Content Director, Content Creator and Co-Founder of The Smart7 Podcast.

He runs a media consultancy, Liam Thompson Consulting, working with radio clients including Radio Nova in Dublin and specialising in audio creation – for both radio and podcasts – and cofounder of Daft Doris, a podcast production company that makes news and entertainment shows.

Daft Doris productions include Dragoncast, The Heat 7 and The Smart 7 and The Smart 7 Ireland Edition, 7 minute daily news podcasts, published at 7am, 7 days a week

The Smart 7 has reached 12 million downloads since it’s launch in April 2020

Liam has worked extensively in radio, in both the UK and Ireland, as Content Director for Bauer’s Magic Radio, launching it onto DAB in 2015, he also launched Virgin Radio on DAB in 2016. Prior to that he worked as Group Programme Director with Communicorp Group, an Irish owned radio company, which had 42 stations across 9 different countries including the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Jordan and Ireland.